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Please review the following before making your ticket reservations :

As we are all uncertain of when Covid19 restrictions will be substantially eased we have taken the decision to run the 2021 concert series based on current Government guidelines.

For the first two concerts in the year we have scheduled two performances of each concert, an afternoon and evening performance. We have done this as it is very likely restrictions will still be in place when these concerts take place and we would like as many people as possible to enjoy the performances.

For the remaining three concerts we have scheduled one evening performance of each as we are hoping that restrictions will have eased by June 2021 and if this happens we will be able to make more seats available for these three concerts.

Booking tickets :

Friends of Grayshott Concerts can pre-book tickets for all of the 2021 concerts.

At the same time as reserving your tickets, programmes and suppers we request that you advise of the seating arrangements for each concert you are reserving tickets for.

Example: You reserve 4 tickets for a specific concert. Then you visit the Socially Distanced seating page for that concert and scroll to the '4 person seating' option. In the drop down menu for the Party of 4 you will have two options: 'All 4 sitting together' and 'Seating 2 + 2'. Please make the appropriate selection for your party and click 'Add to Basket'. Please advise of your Socially Distanced seating requirements for all concerts that you book tickets for.

Advising us of the seating arrangements gives us the opportunity to maximise the overall number of seats we can allocate while observing the Social Distancing guidelines.

To acknowledge the notes above and proceed to ticket reservations please complete the following form and you will be taken to the Concerts page.

By continuing to pre-reserve concert tickets you acknowledge the above notes

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